Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Loyalty or Commitment

Popular music has become enamored with the principal of "Loyalty," or lack there of. This frivolous preoccupation ignores the catalyst of loyalty and how it operates. Loyalty is simply a learned behavior, a reflex. If you provide food and shelter to a dog, it will be loyal. Its loyalty is Pavlovian in nature. Its actions merely the effect of the resources provided unto it. But when these resources are taken away where is its loyalty then? So, it critical to consider if the only thing we seek from others, friends, family, significant others.... is that they be loyal? 

What ever happened to commitment?

Commitment is a conscious decision to act. It is a choice. Commitment is not dependent on possessions or enticements. True commitment is constant in the face of great peril and immense barriers. To be committed to a task, cause, or person, resolve must be undertaken each day in that pursuit. In order to effect the desired outcome one must not be loyal to the goal, but unflinchingly committed. So, you can keep your loyalty...... and opt for commitment. 

Success is a Choice. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

If we are empty, we can never be whole. If we are empty, we can never be whole. If we are empty, we can never be whole. 

Success is a choice.